Year of Young People 2018 Participation Award

This award recognises educational establishments or partnerships which create and support opportunities for children and young people (3-18) to participate in decisions that affect them and actively participate in activities which make a real difference in the life of an establishment, or community. This is a new award for 2018 which has been inspired by the aims and outcomes of the Year of Young People.

We would welcome nominations from educational establishments or partnerships which facilitate effective participation for children and young people. Please use the following three questions to make your nomination, using the guidance points below each question. The scoring criteria for the awards are based on the answers to all three questions so please answer each one as fully as you can. Bullet points and short sentences are fine.

When submitting your nomination form please consider the following when answering the questions.

1. Please provide detail about all the activities, programmes and creative approaches you are taking forward in relation to this award category? (Max 600 words)

In what ways is the nominated establishment or partnership having a positive impact in one or more of the following four arenas?

  • Participation in the formal learning curriculum (eg Influencing and participating in decisions about the approaches taken, delivery, content, timetabling, structures and focus within teaching & learning.)
  • Participation in the wider curriculum (eg Influencing important decisions about provision; creating curriculum events that are shaped, designed or initiated by children and young people themselves; or examples where children and young people are significantly influencing ethos and culture.)
  • Participation in decision making groups where children and young people engage in effective forms of decision making which are authentic , transparent, inclusive, and is influencing learning culture, systems or processes. (eg Pupil Councils, wider pupil groups, Youth Fora etc)
  • Participation in partnership working with other services, parents, carers, within the local or wider community which is extending an education establishment’s or initiative’s sense of community, developing new relations with community members, or generating new opportunities beyond existing routines.

2. How are you promoting equity, equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to this award category? (Max 300 words)

How does the nominated establishment or partnership involve children and young people in ways which address inequity, and promote respect, ambition and achievement? How is it improving outcomes for all learners?

3. What impact are your approaches having on children and young people, their families, partner organisations, staff, other educational establishments and the wider community? What evidence do you have to support this? (Max 300 words)