Teacher of the Year Award

This award recognises teachers who are bringing learning to life by engaging and inspiring all children and young people to fulfil their potential.

If you can respond positively and in some detail to the following questions, we would welcome your nomination.

Is there a teacher in your early learning and childcare setting or school who stands out from the rest?

If so, can you answer the following questions to explain what makes this teacher so good?

When submitting your nomination form please consider the following when answering the questions.

1. What impact has this teacher had on you, your school and community? (max 300 words)

  • How is the teacher helping you to keep improving in your learning?
  • In what ways does he/she make you feel positive about yourself and what you can achieve?
  • How does he/she support and encourage you and others in your class, early learning and childcare setting/school to be responsible citizens?
  • How has he/she involved you in making your school a better place to learn?

2. What does this teacher do to make learning fun, exciting but also challenging? (max 300 words)

  • How does your teacher make learning enjoyable and also challenging for you and others in your class, early learning and childcare setting/school?
  • In what ways is your teacher creative in his/her teaching?
  • How does this teacher encourage you to learn from your mistakes and keep improving?

3. What makes this teacher exceptional? (max 300 words)

  • How does the teacher show that he/she is interested in you as a person?
  • Do you know if the teacher is involved in any studying or activities which are helping them to keep improving their practice?
  • Does he/she lead activities outside the playroom or classroom which help you and others develop new skills and increase your confidence?