Lifetime Achievement

Sponsored by Education Scotland

This award is open to all qualified early years practitioners, teachers and headteachers approaching the end of their careers and aims to recognise their work in providing leadership and commitment for colleagues, the establishment and the wider community throughout their education career.

If you can respond positively and in some detail to the following questions, we would welcome your nomination.

  • Do you know an outstanding teacher or headteacher, approaching the end of their career, with a lifelong record of inspiring and motivating children, young people, colleagues and staff to achieve all that they can?
  • Can you describe how they act with a clear sense of purpose, leadership and vision to improve educational opportunities for all pupils?
  • How have they sustained high levels of enthusiasm and commitment throughout their career?
  • Do they act purposefully to achieve goals with outstanding results?
  • In what ways do they act as a role model, inspiring and engaging others?
  • Can you describe how they show a continuing commitment to their own professional learning and personal development for colleagues, children and young people?

  • In what ways has this person made an impact on:

  • children and young people
  • the whole school or setting community;
  • the wider community?