Gaelic Education Award

Thank you for your interest in the Gaelic Education category of the Scottish Education Awards. This award recognises early learning and childcare settings and schools that have developed a vibrant and progressive culture and climate of continuous innovation in relation to Gaelic Medium and Gaelic Learner Education.

The culture and ethos of establishments nominated for this award category should promote respect, ambition and achievement in Gaelic Education while improving outcomes for all learners in ways which eliminate inequity.

We hope you'll be encouraged to submit a nomination so we can celebrate successes and achievements within Scottish education.

Please give careful thought to the points below before submitting your nomination. It is important that you provide as much detail as you can to give a good account of the practical activities and programmes you are supporting in relation to this award category. You should also answer each question fully as the scoring criteria for the awards are based on these questions. Bullet points and concise sentences are acceptable.

When submitting your nomination form please consider the following when answering the questions.

1. Please provide detail about all the activities, programmes and creative approaches you are taking forward in your setting in relation to this award category. How are these being embedded across the four contexts for learning? (Max 600 words)

For the Gaelic Education award you may wish to include additional details about the following:

  • How are children and young people supported in developing an understanding of Gaelic heritage, language and culture?
  • How does your school or educational setting use creative approaches to deliver Gaelic effectively?
  • How does the educational setting incorporate Gaelic into career management in a meaningful way for young people, highlighting the potential for employability skills?
  • In what way are children and young people‚Äôs achievements recognised?

2. How are you promoting equity, equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to this award category? (Max 300 words)

For the Gaelic Education award you may wish to include additional details about the following:

  • In what ways does your school or setting develop an ethos which is positively promoting Gaelic language and culture and generating a sense of pride for the language?
  • What are the opportunities for learning Gaelic and what impact are they having on children and young people, the whole-school or setting community and the wider community?

3. What impact are your approaches having on learners, staff, their families, partner organisations, other educational establishments and the wider community? What evidence do you have to support this? (Max 300 words)

For the Gaelic Education award you may wish to include additional details about the following:

  • What partnerships have you developed with Gaelic organisations and what is the impact of their involvement?
  • How does your school or setting community share learning with parents and the extended community?

Please note: the Gaelic Education Award category is for early learning and childcare and school settings only. If you would like to nominate an individual for an award then please see Lifetime Achievement, Teacher of the Year or Headteacher of the Year categories.